IT Asset Management Inventories

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Physical Inventory

Enterprise Asset Solutions inventory teams specialise in physical wall to wall inventory of IT equipment.

Acquisitions, Mergers, Expansion, Construction, and Moves:

Ensure IT equipment is accounted for after a transition to new ownership, or a new facility. Develop an accurate baseline IT asset inventory prior to moves to ensure that all equipment arrives at the new location. Confirm and update the location of all IT assets after an expansion, merger or move.

IT Outsourcing:

Validate and verify ownership of all IT equipment prior to shifting information technology management responsibilities to an outside organisation by performing a physical wall-to-wall inventory of all technology equipment currently in the business.

ITAM Internal Controls

Perform an IT Asset Management inventory to identify equipment for redeployment or disposal. Conduct a physical IT equipment inventory as an audit to detect and deter theft. Validate physical technology asset information to assist IT support centres.

IT Equipment Budgeting

Plan for future information technology purchases based on accurate records of existing equipment. Reduce tax and insurance premiums. Raise capital through the identification and sale of unused IT hardware assets.

IT Continuity & Disaster Planning

Obtain accurate records for business continuity and to develop a replacement plan for IT hardware assets.

Eagle Asset Solutions will place a property tag on each piece of IT equipment, and assign a unique identifier for the ITAM system. All data pertaining to each item is then captured using state-of-the-art personal data collection terminals. EASOL can also apply RFID Tags to secure and monitor the movement of IT Assets should our customers require.

Effective IT asset managers and executives understand the importance of having a physical IT equipment inventory instead of relying solely on auto-discovery tools. For more information on our IT asset management solutions read our whitepaper or explore the EASOL inventory process.

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