Eagle Asset Solutions has developed a standardised inventory process. However, Eagle Asset Solutions understands that no two customers are completely alike; therefore, we know that each customer will have varied project goals and inventory auditing needs. Eagle Asset Solutions will work with you from day one to get a firm understanding of your organisation and what you are looking to accomplish. The following is an overview of the standard Eagle Asset Solutions Inventory Process.

Pre-Inventory Assessment

The Eagle Asset Solutions project manager will review & assess the customers facility locations and floor plans with the organisation’s project manager to identify any areas of the facility that may require special attention or access.


Tactical inventory teams will work in close proximity as they methodically move through the facility. The team lead references the floor plans to track and ensure that all areas have been completed, or note areas that need to be revisited.

The inventory specialists at Eagle Asset Solutions are highly conscious of employees and their work space, and will make every attempt to minimise disruptions

Asset Tagging

Eagle Asset Solutions will apply an asset tag to each item defined in the project scope. The inventory teams will collect and record all descriptive data pertaining to each asset using state-of-the-art barcode scanning devices. This methodology ensures precision and by using modern technology Eagle Asset Solutions can incorporate images and other media into the inventory reports, ensuring you receive comprehensive asset data.

This information is immediately uploaded into the Cloud Based Eagle Asset Solutions database for our data specialists to analyse. Following the Asset Data review process the, inventory reports are provided to you as an electronic spreadsheet or delimited format for analysis and easy integration into your existing Asset Management or ERP Systems.

Standard Data Collected for Each Fixed Asset

  • Asset Number
  • Asset Description
  • Facility
  • Department
  • Room
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number

The inventory professionals at Eagle Asset Solutions are experienced in performing equipment inventories in a variety of environments, from corporate office environments to large manufacturing facilities. Eagle Asset Solutions looks forward to assisting your organisation bring order to your assets. Contact us today….

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