Eagle Asset Solutions is a leading provider of fixed asset inventory management solutions for organisations across a variety of industries, including: IT Asset Management, Businesses and Corporations, NPO’s and Manufacturing Businesses.

The mission of Enterprise Asset Solutions is to assist organisations manage their significant investment in fixed assets through a comprehensive physical asset inventory and audit process.

Enterprise Asset Solutions inventory teams use state-of-the-art Scanner Devices for data capture and entry. Our methodology ensures accurate data collection through barcode scanning for further analysis and any other delimited format for integration into any existing asset management or ERP system.

Our experience and knowledge in providing fixed asset inventory solutions, allows organisations to achieve a comprehensive inventory without having to pull valuable staff resources from other duties and projects. Enterprise Asset Solutions is able to complete an inventory more cost effectively than most companies could perform internally.

Eagle Asset Solutions was started by people who were experienced in doing fixed asset inventories for the companies they worked for. EASOL’s team understand from first-hand experience how difficult it is to complete an inventory and manage your day job at the same time. Completing an Asset Audit is time consuming, there are always competing priorities, there are never enough staff, and often companies lack an appropriate system to take the inventory with.

Why Eagle Asset Solutions?

Our small, highly trained and experienced Asset Audit teams will work methodically through the facilities. Small project teams provide greater consistency in the data collection process, and minimizes our “footprint” at client sites.

The Eagle Asset Solutions inventory teams are prepared to travel to anywhere our clients are, to provide inventory services.

Our inventory specialists are very sensitive to your business operations and employees, and will make every attempt to minimize disruptions. Eagle Asset Solutions uses professionals to perform asset inventories.


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