Eagle Asset Solutions is a dynamic technology driven organisation, utilising industry leading innovation to deliver the highest level of Asset Audit and Related Services to our customers.

Eagle Asset Solutions (EASOL) is your Asset Audit Partner:

  • CORE TEAM – EASOL audits are always conducted by trusted EASOL services team members and not by outside contractors. This ensures consistent service delivery to our customers.
  • TECHNOLOGY – The EASOL services team utilises world class asset management software to conduct audits, and store securely in the cloud. Clients are not required to purchase software or hardware to conduct their audits.
  • ACCURACY – Through the use of EASOL world class asset audit software running on mobile handheld devices, the EASOL services team can guarantee the integrity, security and quality of the data being collected during the audit.
  • RECONCILIATION – The EASOL asset audit software has extremely strong import export capabilities allowing the EASOL service team to import existing asset registers and post back the results to either financial or asset management system for reconciliation.
  • SPEED – The EASOL services team can audit roughly 5 times the amount of assets in a day than the average employee, this is achieved via a combination of training, technology and project planning.
  • METHODOLOGY – The EASOL services team have developed a highly effective project management and delivery methodology, which we have continuously enhanced on over many years and team leaders have extensive project management experience.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – As the costs for an EASOL audit are known in advance, companies can effectively budget for the In addition, the organisation does not need to purchase software or hardware to conduct the audit, nor does it need to train in house staff on the use thereof.
  • MEASURABLE ROI’s – All EASOL audits produce measurable deliverables with real return on investments, be it in the discovery of unregistered and “Ghost” Assets, or the elimination of lost assets, the EASOL services team deliver real ROI.


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